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10 Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Even though you get up at 4.30 in the morning and work out, you still lose weight despite eating a lot of food and being very hungry ..?  

But before you lose money in the gym and say goodbye to all your favorite foods, try to include some foods in your diet. You can tell the difference in just a few days.  Ordinary vegetables and other vegetables available in the kitchen can help you lose weight like magic. Here are ten foods that can help you lose weight at no cost ...


Carrots, which are very low in calories and fat, increase metabolism. Eating a glass of carrot juice every day will eliminate fat and thereby reduce overweight.


Potatoes are great for those who want to lose weight.  Potatoes, which are high in carbohydrates and low in calories, facilitate metabolism and prevent weight gain.  Eating a plate of boiled potatoes fills the stomach but provides only 100 calories.

Arrowroot ( Koovakizangu )

Those who want to lose weight can include arrowroot in their diet. High in calories, which is high in protein, it is effective in reducing obesity.


If you want to lose weight, it is better to combine it with ginger soon.  You can start a day by eating a piece of ginger mixed with honey.  The volatile oil contained in it helps in accelerating the metabolism and weight loss. 

Lemon Juice 

Lemon is handy in most kitchens. The ability of lemon to reduce belly fat is well known. Starting the day by drinking water mixed with lemon juice and honey can help you lose weight.


Watermelon is rich in water. Eating watermelon before meals will fill the stomach without getting too many calories. This will eliminate the feeling of having to eat more.


Cucumber plays an important role not only in removing dark circles above the eyes and in salads, but also in reducing weight. Cucumber is a water-rich vegetable similar to watermelon. 100 grams of cucumber provides only 45 calories to the body.


For those who sincerely want to lose weight, it is better to include garlic in the diet. Studies show that garlic helps in reducing body fat and helps in absorbing body fat.


Some people do not like to eat beans. But what if you hear that the bean will lose weight?  Beans, which are high in fiber, facilitate digestion and the pectin they contain makes the stomach full for a long time.


Turmeric, an integral part of kitchens, also plays an important role in weight loss. The sulfur in turmeric reduces the amount of leptin and insulin that cause fat.

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